Versatility & Control, Performance & Reliability.

The Interpulse System advances the ease and performance of battery powered irrigation for Orthopaedics, Trauma, and Wound Care.

Performance Enhancements

  • Removable splash shield design allows for optimal bone cleaning
  • Variable speed and trigger lock offer control at the surgical site
  • High pressure and low splash tips target technique specific applications
  • Optional innovative rechargeable battery packs provide extended power source while eliminating environmental waste.
  • Minimal Set Up – Spike and Shoot
  • For use in Total Joint Procedures, cemented, press-fit, or revision
  • Concurrent suction with soft cone splash shield for optimal fluid containment without damaging soft tissue.
  • Ergonomic shape to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Specific design to ehance suction capabilities
  • Completely disposable
  • PSI < 15 for wound care
  • Ability to lock at full speed
  • Soft and flexible wound tunneling tips